Kees Glorie Memorial Handicap Road Race

Kees Glorie Memorial Handicap Road Race

16 Feb 2019

Waldron takes win in Kees Glorie Memorial Handicap

Junior Jessica Waldron took her first Albany Cycle Club victory in the 50km Kees Glorie Memorial Handicap on Saturday.

The challenging race from Great Southern Grammar to Two Peoples Bay, Nanarup and return included several hills and a quick finish after the Lower King Bridge.

Tammy Stone, Elizabeth Cooper, Julie Passmore and u-17 Jessica Waldron made the most of their generous 10-minute start to be well up the road before the next group started.

Surges in speed made it tough for some in the 10-minute group and Andrew LeFort was left behind while Jim Lie did his share of the work and was then dropped on the way back from Two Peoples Bay.

The fast start from chopping block (17-minutes) was too much for Peter Wilshaw who lost touch before Two Peoples Bay Road as Mark Sobik, Mike Staude, Lachlan Waldron and Blyth Andrews pushed on. Scratch duo Brett Dal Pozzo and Stuart Passmore rode strongly to bridge the two-minute gap to block about 1km before the turn back onto Nanarup Road.

Jessica Waldron and Julie Passmore rotated resolutely after leaving behind Cooper and then Stone on the Two Peoples Hills and lifted their speed after the turnaround at Nanarup.

Catching a glimpse of their chasers after the Nanarup u-turn Jim Watmore pushed the 10-minute remnant to take the pace up a notch.

Meanwhile Lachlan Waldron sensed his older groupmates tiring and attacked on the long climb back from Nanarup, catching the 10-minute group on the final hill.

With the chasers not yet in sight Jessica Waldron powered past Julie Passmore after the Lower King Bridge to take a convincing win. Lachlan Waldron sprinted to a strong third place ahead of Michael Gardiner and overall fastest Stuart Passmore (1:17:09).