Geoff Cass Handicap

Geoff Cass Handicap

10 Mar 2019

Passmore pushes to win hilly Geoff Cass Handicap

Stuart Passmore took the win in Albany Cycle Club’s tough 72km Geoff Cass Handicap on Sunday morning.

On a course that often sees groups splinter before the 20km mark, the 10-minute group containing Peter Wilshaw, Andrew LeFort, Michael Gardiner, Paul Terry and under-17 Jessica Waldron did well to stick together to complete the first lap in just over an hour.

Mark Sobik drove his 19-minute groupmates Blyth Andrews and Stephen Pearce to make ground on the group ahead in the first lap.

Off 25 minutes Craig Wiggins and Passmore took about 15km to chew into the one minute head start given to Cornelis Le Grange and Lachlan Waldron. While Le Grange was able to hang on Lachlan Waldron was cast adrift and, after a strong performance in a mountain bike race the previous day, opted to abort his race at the halfway point.

Andrews and Pearce were seen at the finish soon after as they also chose to withdraw from the race, leaving Sobik to battle on alone.

With his group caught in the final 18km Wilshaw held valiantly onto the Wiggins and Passmore train before he and Le Grange were dropped. Leaving everyone else in their wake the scratch pair powered to the finish with Passmore taking a welcome win in 1:58.08.

Wilshaw pushed hard to the finish and was narrowly beaten to third by Le Grange. Special mention is deserved by Jessica Waldron who put in a great ride to work with her group to the finish after a solid win in the Albany Mountain Bike Club’s XCO race on Saturday.

The event’s namesake Geoff Cass worked solidly with Tammy Stone and Raylene Sobik to complete the one lap short course through the Spencer Road hills in Narrikup in 1 hour 16min26.