Ken Ingham Handicap Road Race

Ken Ingham Handicap Road Race

30 Mar 2019

Wiggins takes hilltop win ahead of international race

Ahead of international racing this weekend Craig Wiggins was the well-deserved winner of Albany Cycle Club’s 65km Ken Ingham Handicap last Saturday afternoon.

With winds building the enthusiastic group of starters in Gledhow knew the ride to Young Siding along South Coast Highway would be swift before a tough slog home along Lower Denmark Road.

Shirley Thurston was a welcome first-timer racer and stuck with Geoffrey Cass, Tammy Stone and Lucy Wellstead as the group made the most of their five- minute head start.

Driven by the tailwind Paul Terry and Jim Lie did the lion’s share of work for the 5-minute group while Danica Wiggins made sure Elizabeth Cooper and Julie Passmore were able to hang on.

Terry called on the hangers-on in the group to help out as they turned into the headwind on Lower Denmark Road and they caught the go group soon after.

Peter Wilshaw, Andrew LeFort, Randall Wiggins and Jim Watmore (10-minutes) combined their experience to work together until Randall Wiggins succumbed to a flat tyre 5km prior to the turn.

The power of Blyth Andrews proved too much for his 18-minute groupmates Lachlan Waldron, Ande Powys, Mike Staude and Emily Wiggins and he left them behind 3km before Young Siding.

Starting at 26-minutes Craig Wiggins set a blistering pace along South Coast Highway while Riley Heslop and Beau LeFort showed strength and form to hang on and rotate through when needed.

Scratch caught the remnants of the 18-minute group about 4km past Lake Saide Road, with only Emily Wiggins able to hang on, before collecting Andrews at Torbay.

The 5-minute group caught a glimpse of their chasers at the Elleker bend and lifted the pace with strong turns by Lie and Danica Wiggins and Craig Wiggins and his companions caught the 10-minute group at Cuthbert soon after.

Caught with just 1km to go Lie, Terry and Danica Wiggins latched onto scratch for the furious slog to the Roundhay Road turn.

Craig Wiggins surged up Balston Road for the uphill win in the day’s fastest time (1:40:10) followed closely by the impressive Beau LeFort and Heslop.

Passmore, Danica Wiggins and Emily Wiggins took the women’s placings.

Ride of the Day went to under-17 Emily Wiggins who chose to ride with the 18- minute group and managed to hang on when passed by scratch until the final few kilometres.

Craig Wiggins will race Le Tour de Langkawi with his St. George Continental Cycling Team from 6-13 April while Jessica Waldron and Lachlan Waldron are in Bright, Victoria this weekend for the National MTB Championships, Short Course Championships and Oceania Championships.