Long Course Championships Elleker

Long Course Championships Elleker

7 Apr 2019

Albany Cycle Club returned to the Elleker-Grasmere loop around Lake Powell for the annual Long Course Championships on Sunday morning.

Starting at the Elleker Hall the mostly flat course invites crafty race tactics and attacks as contestants produce bursts of power to test their competitors.

With 100km ahead of them Beau Le Fort, Riley Heslop and Stuart Passmore combined forces to surprise Brett Dal Pozzo and Cornelis LeGrange and create a significant gap on the first of 10 laps.

Dal Pozzo and LeGrange worked together for the remainder of the race but were unable to recover the lost time on the frontrunners. Averaging 39km/h over the 100km event Stuart Passmore was crowned A-Grade long course champion after non-finishes from Beau Le Fort and Heslop, while Dal Pozzo overcame LeGrange with a powerful sprint for second.

With B-Grade, C-Grade and the juniors starting together u-17 Emily Wiggins stirred up her follow racers by going hard out of the gate. Kea Mumford took charge at the start of the eight lap race and settled the group into an uneasy rotation. Blyth Andrews, Jim Lie, Andrew Le Fort and Mumford shared the majority of the work, with a number of passengers in tow.

A fourth lap surge by Andrews shook loose Julie Passmore who had taken one turn too many while Danica Wiggins and first time road racer Anton Davey sprang to life and stuck with the pack.

Taking advantage of a monster turn by Jim Lie on the sixth lap Andrews launched an attack into the headwind on Lower Denmark Road. Continuing on solo he increased the gap to take a convincing win and the B-Grade points. A hard fought sprint saw Emily Wiggins outpower Lie, with u-17 points going to Emily and Lie taking the second place B-Grade points.

Geoffrey Cass rode a solid pace to take home the C-Grade points while Fay Wiggins gathered more points in the u-15 category.

This Saturday the club tackles the hilly outskirts of Mount Melville in the Keyser Cup.