Race Day Info

Not sure what you need to do on a race day? Here’s a check list to get you started.

  • Provide evidence of your AusCycling license and pay your race fee to nominate.
  • Pin a race number to the back of your jersey/top.
  • Make sure your name is on the whiteboard.
  • Chat with our handicappers to establish your start time (where applicable).
  • Australian Standard helmet (AS/NZS 2063) must be worn.
  • Race briefing will be 5-10 min before the race start, near the club trailer.
  • Please pay attention to your start time and be ready to race when required.
  • Follow the direction of race marshals.
  • Do not cross the centreline of the road. If you cross the centreline you will be relegated or disqualified.
  • Ride safely and be courteous to other road users.

Please ask if you have any queries and enjoy the ride!