Club Kit

We have had new club kit under development for some time and are very pleased to say it is now ready for your perusal and purchase. Pedal Mafia have been most helpful in satisfying our many requests and have provided terrific prices and a wide range of customised products. We have partnered with Pedal Mafia due to their quality garments, wide range of sizing as well as their excellent service. If you were at the AGM you may remember different pricing. Pedal Mafia’s overheads have increased since then so adjustments have had to be made. But the prices are still extremely competitive. They have removed the minimum order policy for us on everything except gloves. An order of 20+ gloves will be needed to go ahead. 

The DesignWe have chosen to go with Albany’s traditional colours of green and yellow. The words on the side of the jerseys are the indigenous words “Kinjarling” and “Kwoorabup”. Kinjarling, referring to the Albany region means “place of plenty” or “place of rain”. Kwoorabup means “place of the brushtail wallabies” and refers to the region of the Denmark River. We hope to see many green and yellow jerseys at future events around WA. 

At the moment the design doesn’t have any sponsors on it. However, we have been fortunate enough to have a couple of sponsorship offers so one or two logos may appear on the back pockets or sleeves before the garments go into production.

Sizing and Styles 
Pedal Mafia have been kind enough to provide us with sample clothing to help decide which fabric to order and the most appropriate sizes to choose. These garments will be available to try on at this week’s criterium but you can also contact Liz 0416178763 for try-on arrangements. Most people find PM clothing to fit more tightly than other brands. 


Ordering will be possible until COB 4th January. A six week processing period follows the close of orders. To save us paying postage, the orders will be labelled and packaged individually but sent to one Albany address for distribution.